art for the heart of New Orleans

Jane d’Arensbourg is an artist and a native of New Orleans. Her father’s family settled there in 1722. Now many of her friends, family members, including her mother and a brother have been displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina. spring has joined Jane in hosting and organizing this silent auction.


Katrina benefit silent auction for Architecture for Humanity

Thank you to all the artists listed below who donated their work, to the volunteers that helped everything run smoothly and to everyone that came and donated artwork.

Thank you Conundrum Wines, Heights Chateau Wines and Spirits and Superfine.

Amy Adams, Tanyth Berkeley, Fiorenzo Borghi, Nina Bovasso, Susan Bowen, Gabe Brown, Matt Bua, Steve Butcher, Aaron Cantor, Denise Carbonell, Sarah Cihat, Heather Cox, Jane D’Arensbourg, Daniel Davidson, Molly Dilworth, Derek Dominy, William Downs, Kate Dwyer, Laura Emrick, Jessica Findley, Noah Fisk, Raymond Frohlich, Renee Gertler, Audra Graziano, Melora Griffis, Christopher Gulick, Michelle Handleman, Adam Harvey, Joe Heaps Nelson, Busser Howell, Yolande Hunter, Xylor Jane, Brian Janusiak, Hasan Johnson, Robin Kahn, Tricia Keightley, Gabe Kirchheimer, Emily Lambert, Siobhan Liddell, Jen Liu, David Mcdermott, Cynthia Mitchell, Motomichi Nakamura, Nelson,Jessica Peterson, Reynolds, Michael Sarff, Roberto Scala, Jason Scott Jones, Erin Selmer, Lary 7, Taketo Shimada, Pamela Sunday, Paul Sunday, J G Thirlwell, Alyssa Wendt, Susan Woods, Charles Yuen.

The auction was a great success.