bird’s eye view

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As the Summer show spring, in collaboration with the Lomographic Society USA presents Bird’s-Eye View, an interactive photo rally and exhibition. Friends, neighbors, artists, professional and amateur photographers, and all Lomo fans were invited to borrow a Lomo camera and supplied with a film. Rather than choosing a subject to develop upon, Bird’s-Eye View was chosen as the theme because it suggests a different perspective, leading to very interesting results.

Since the opening of spring last October, the directors of spring, Anna Cosentino and Steve Butcher, have been thinking of a way to collaborate with Lomo, whose American headquarters are in d.u.m.b.o. As Steve explains, “Lomo is a much-loved Russian camera that has been around for years. There are whole websites dedicated to it. Even professional photographers buy these cameras because they produce results other cameras cannot.”

Steve explained “By requesting people take pictures from unusual viewpoints, we encouraged accidental and interesting mistakes that might become the best part of this show.” Though they did not know what to expect from the Bird’s-Eye View, they were optimistic from the beginning. “It should be a fun show, because there are so many people involved and there is no pressure”, said Anna Cosentino.

A spring-board also decided on a winner for BEST OVERALL FILM. The task proved very difficult as there were two very distinct and obviously worthy winners: Adam Scott (Lomo LC-A) and Austin Young (Holga). They both received a camera, courtesy of the Lomographic Society USA and the opportunity to participate in future assignments and shows at spring. Congratulations!