inCONSTRUCTION explores aspects of construction and presents a selection of designs and art that challenge conventional thinking – a look at the conceptual as well as physical approach to construction.

‘Form follows Idea’ represents an essential step in defining a new thought of developing design – it is a contemporary thinking and it is important to show that this is not a trend, rather the development of a new teaching which asks to think and approach design anew, whether it re-constructs an idea through form, proportion or concept. Ralph Ball and Maxine Naylor’s philosophy of questioning the orthodox design methods and expressing design through material and cultural associations has been instrumental to the greatest design developments in the last ten years and it is at the forefront of a movement that has produced some of the most interesting designers of today.

featured in the show are Deborah Bowness, Steve Butcher, Matt Gagnon, André Klauser, Michael McGinn, AlissiaMT, Jason Miller, Joe Ponciano, Frederik Roijé, Erica Wakerly, WATdesign, Patrick Weder and Michael Whitney with related pieces and products by Katya Marritz, Eura Jean Chun, Elodie Blanchard and FarOut

opening reception and book signing featuring Archaeology of the Invisible: selected works by Maxine Naylor and Ralph Ball, authors of FORM FOLLOWS IDEA