WEATHER AND FASHION, NECESSITY AND DECORATION. LAYERS is a show about cold, survival, protection and style. This is the first exercise in a collaboration between artists and professionals to work together starting from a subject and developing items or editorials for spring. As a team we have built a new show.

STEVE BUTCHER and ANNA COSENTINO of spring are the creative directors and curators and they have been working on LAYERS with:

FIORENZO BORGHI – photographer
TRUDY MILLER – architect

A long cold Winter, combined with a faulty economy, has led us to think of the need for dressing in layers and the need of adaptability and originality. We have approached the subject from a global nomad point of view, drawing from multi-cultural influences and believing in the tenacity of vanity and the need to express ones style.Our collaborative efforts produced an in-house ‘flip-book’ video and road map about dressing, an ethereal veil, fog and clouds, layered paintings about wardrobe, a study on accessories for the arm and thigh and our most fun exercise: THE HEAD SET – 7 essential items and how to wear them.This exercise asked for the inventiveness and collaboration of some great creative minds to apply their skills and produce an item they would love to wear if all they had available were limited resources, the weather was merciless and they still cared to make an effort. From Art Directors to Photographers, Designers and Painters, we present the stylish solutions of our contributors: GABE BROWN, DENISE CARBONELL, AMY DOWNS, JOHN DRURY, DAVID GREEN, STACY GREENE and FRED WISTOW, SYLVIA GRIESER, JOSEPHINE JANSEN, DOUGLAS RICCARDI, SANDY THOMPSON, NICK VAN DER GRINTEN, GREG WOOLARD and CHUCK YUEN.

Many thanks to Keiko Hiramoto, Ajuma and Kim Matulova, FORD Models, Robert Funk, Marithé + François Girbaud, AH, and Mille K.