LIVING arrangements 1&2

LIVING arrangements 2011
LIVING arrangements 2012


spring‘s curator Anna Cosentino has invited world class photographers of r their interpretation of ‘living arrangements’, with no set assignment or medium in mind. LIVINGarrangements  poses an open question for who people are (or think they are) in our society and how they live in the present.  The term opens discussion to political innuendo, cultural differences, social issues, and importantly, design and style.
Featuring selected works by Fiorenzo Borghi, Pablo Gallego-Picard, Lítill, Sarah Lynch, Sergio Mannino, Igor Meijer, Paul Meleschnig, Erica Shires, Andrew Tingle and Steve Butcher


spring invited gallerist Debra Klomp Ching of KLOMPCHING gallery to be the guest judge on an open call for photographic interpretations of ‘living arrangements’. The second in a series of interdisciplinary exhibitions showcasing professional as well as up and coming talent in photography, intended as an open platform to submit images to build a visual profile of ideas in living.
Featuring selected works by: Amy Eckert, Natalie Krick, Douglas Ljungkvist, Elena Lyakir, Paula Ospina, Alejandra Regalado, Niv Rozenberg, Sarah Szwajkos, Alic Trossman, Susan Walsh and Dawn Whitmore