LOST&FOUND, curated by Anna Cosentino moves freely between art, design and product. Featuring selected works and designs by 5.5 designers, Gregoire Abrial, Ralph Ball & Maxine Naylor, Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, Deborah Bowness, Steve Butcher, Angel Chang, Peter Cole, Manreet Deol, Leah Evans, Paul Loebach, Stijn Ossevoort, Kathy and Rob Price, Random International, Justin Richel, Suck UK and Tokyoflash.

Continuing to explore directions, perceptions and social responses to common questions, as experienced and shared in art and design, the curator has carefully selected a provocative range of works. Examples range from literal to abstract: lost in translation/found identity; no time lost/found on solid ground; lost the way/found its mark; lost in daydreaming/found inspiration; lost art/found poetry. The result is a total interpretation of the theme where new links and ideas are presented.

The conceptual works of professors Ralph Ball and Maxine Naylor’s continuing exploration of the evolution and break down of chairs and Gregoire Abriel’s Made Out of New York furniture made of discarded materials, mapped in a percentage of contents and locale are contrasted by functional designs as SUCK UK‘s programmable LED mirror; 5.5designer’s USB Key stick and labyrinth wallpaper; and new, more intuitive direction in Japanese watch design.
Peter Cole’s posse of burdened horses are central to this exhibit, an example of art trouvé body of work which is both witty and familiar, active and stoic, sits by Steve Butcher’s photographic series of dwelling markers in the Yucatan, an observation of the purest form of communication art.
The experience is completed by Stijn Ossevoort‘s bread sole shoes, a development in placebo design; and Angel Chang‘s experimental clothing, a body heat activated fabric that reveals a map in the pattern of a dress – to help one find the right destination.