(present) featuring work by Nina Bovasso, Yoko Inoue and Michele Quan

Nina Bovasso
Nina Bovasso’s vibrant drawings are colorful explosions and playful mounds that reveal deeper reflections and reactions to everyday life, by means of color and gesture. Each work is multilayered and beautifully rendered, dark and seductive, energetic and fragile.

Yoko Inoue
An amazing take on pop culture and tribalism – these masks feel like permutations, possible future translations of cultural influences. The series of work, Pop Protocol is developed as one component for a larger installation project entitled Mandala Flea Market Mutants: Pop Protocol and the Seven Transformations of Good-luck National Defense Catswhich was presented at Smack Mellon.

Michele Quan
Michele Quan designs and sculpts handmade ceramic art and objects for the home & garden. Cornerstones of her work are garlands, bells and skulls. The pieces become a canvas for her love of drawing, painting, text and color. Many of the images are rooted in the visual symbols of Eastern iconography – their meaning and beauty of which she is continuously in awe. The work is an ongoing attempt to articulate that wonder.