the great indoors


spring‘s answer to home, design, form, function, and aesthetic with an emphasis on blurring the boundaries between OUTSIDE and INSIDE, the useful and the ephemeral.
We present the works of Amy Adams, Lorena Barrezueta, Angelica Bergamini, Elodie Blanchard, Steve Butcher, Sarah Cihat, Heather Cox, Molly Dilworth, Patrik Fredrikson,Connie Koch for hello, Brian Phillips, Gabrielle Shelton, Sarah Wayland-Smith and Patrick Weder.

ASSIGNMENT #2 ‘object’ -Selected artists, designers and artistically minded were asked by spring to pick a favorite household object and tell us why they like the object selected whether it be for it’s form, function, nostalgia or association. The objects were displayed with the intention to celebrate and draw attention to the often overlooked objects around us.