THE REVOLUTION IS SET – bring it to the table



The subject of spring‘s new show stems from ‘the table’ as a place where we sit, eat and discuss. The need to re-adjust and focus towards a more enjoyable, clean and responsible way of living is best represented by the philosophy behind projects as such as slow food and how it reflects a collective, contemporary thinking that can be applied to other disciplines. This is the slow revolution! Through curation, Anna Cosentino and Steve Butcher of spring would like to ‘bring to the table’ results of successful collaborations; examples of design that gives back; that show the importance of artisanal skills and their application in Design & Art and ultimately the new interpretation(s) of luxury.
Featured in the show are works by: Inna Alesina; Artecnica; Design With Conscience; Sandra Bautista; Deborah Bowness; Jane D’Arensbourg; Prisca Fey; Gesine Hackenberg; iBride; Katya Marritz; Justin Richel; Joey Roth; Richard Saja


BRING IT TO THE TABLE is an assignment that will be introduced during ICFF. Anna Cosentino and Steve Butcher of spring in collaboration with co-curators Natasha Chetiyawardana and Michael McDevitt have reserved the table for a group of designers, artists, art directors and thinkers, who have been invited to bring something to the table to provoke thought/discussion/action. Among them – Ralph Ball; Davide Cantoni; Will Carey; Peter Cole; Heather Cox; Cecilie Egeberg; Daisy Ginsberg; Rich Greco; Eva Kellenberg; Otis Kriegel; Michael McGinn; Maxine Naylor; Stijn Ossevoort; Jessica Peterson; Douglas Riccardi; Zoe Sheehan Saldańa, Vicky Simmons; Brett Snyder.

bring it to the table: a spring assignment

Many thanks to:
Artecnica Design With Conscience
IMPERIA Vodka Teas’ Tea
Slow Food USA