a spring assignment show

An enlightened project where 30 artists and designers have been invited by spring for their take on the classic Japanese paper lantern

Once completed, we asked fashion photographer Fiorenzo Borghi to photograph the lanterns and the photos were then included on the name credits along with the title and explanation.  This was a requirement requested of the participants. These credit labels are essentially the show –  the actual lanterns were there to support the concept of the participants. 

With the participation of Lorena Barrezueta, Elodie Blanchard, Fiorenzo Borghi, Gabe Brown, Steve Butcher, Denise Carbonell, Natasha Chetiyawardana, Sarah Cihat, Peter Cole, Anna Cosentino, Jane D’Arensbourg, Molly Dilworth, Derek Dominy, John Drury, Sylvia Grieser, Shanan Kurtz, Elizabeth Kurtzman, Cynthia Mitchell, Kelly Mulloy, Jessica Peterson, Richard Saja, Fausto Salvi, Gabrielle Shelton, Paige Stahl, Julie Vogel, Sarah Wayland-smith and Charles Yuen.