A photographic exhibition where all the photos have been taken specifically for the show with the directive of creating ‘wellROUNDED’ images. Los Angeles, New York and London meet at spring. A quick visual travel, a point of view and an exploration of form.

Fiorenzo Borghi, Adam Scott and Austin Young are three photographers invited by spring to explore the round, to go around, to think in the round and give us their point of view.

Fiorenzo Borghi is a frequent contributor to spring’s projects and has been actively involved in our venture from the very beginning.
Austin Young and Adam Scott were both selected in last year’s spring’s ‘bird’s-eye view’ show with LOMO for their best overall films: Adam for his Lomo LCA film and Austin for his Holga shots. These three were invited to interpret the directive using the cameras of their choice.

We have also asked the participation of spring‘s regular guest contributors and opened the doors to the world of Lomo and the public for their take on the theme using only the Lomo Fisheye camera and one roll of film.